Compass Gas & Energy

Compass Gás & Energia, a Cosan Group company, operates and invests in four business segments, establishing itself as an additional platform of activities to explore opportunities in Brazil’s natural gas and energy sectors.

Compass is strategically focused on (i) natural gas distribution, through Comgás, Brazil’s largest gas company in terms of volume; (ii) infrastructure and origination of gas, having access to the competitive supply of pre-salt gas and importing liquefied natural gas (LNG); (iii) gas trading, optimizing our supply and demand portfolio, building diversification, flexibility and competitiveness; and (iv) gas-powered thermal generation and energy trading, transforming gas into electricity.

Compass Gás & Energia’s operations and investments will create a unique combination of assets and talents, solid cash generation, high growth potential, and value creation. Through Comgás, Brazil’s largest gas distributor, our installed network spans over 19,000 km and 2.1 million clients in the residential, commercial, industrial, vehicle segments, and others. In 2020, 4.5 billion m³ gas was distributed, or 32% of the pipeline gas distributed in the country, the largest share among all Brazilian distributors, according to the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME). Currently present in 94 municipalities of the State of São Paulo, including the metropolitan region of São Paulo, for 13 years, Comgás has been recognized by the American Gas Association (AGA) as a safety global benchmark among the world’s gas distribution companies.

Last update: June 1, 2021